Case 2

The Long Way To a Diagnosis

I got diagnosed with WDEIA in the summer of 2015. It was a long way to
get there.

My fist attack was in 2012. My whole face started swelling. I had no idea
why, but I took some anti-histamine medicines and an icecream to reduce
the swelling. I went to the doctor two days later. He told me I could have
died, but could not provide a dagnosis.

I then went to an allergy specialist. She ran some tests and did not notice
anything wrong. She gave me an Epinephrin emergeny injection-pen
(Epi-Pen) and that was it.

Between 2012 and 2015 I had a number of minor attacks (swollen eyes,

Last year, in 2015, I got another major attack after cycling for 10 minutes.
My mom forced me to go to the doctor again. They told me they could not
do anything. Instead they asked me to google myself and inform them on
what I  found. I found WDEIA, FDEIA and EIA. With this information I
phoned some specialists and asked them if they where familiar with this
form of allergy.

One replied positively and got me diagnosed with WDEIA. However, the
bloodtest was negative. But, because I reacted very well on a glutenfree
diet, she thought that WDEIA must be it.


I presently live gluten free.  Because I am very busy with my studies, I
have not taken the time to experiment with sports. So presently I do not
know if I will still react. I will soon find out. I keep my fingers crossed.

Case 2
Female Student
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