Selected Scientific Articles
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Scientific Research
Matsuo et al. 2004 analyze in detail which wheat proteins are the drivers of WDEIA.
Morita et al. 2009 analyze how exercise and/or aspirin intake trigger the allergic effects of Omega-5 Gliadin.
Hiragun et al. 2013 underline the "soap theory".  A substantial number of WDEIA cases in Japan developed after using soap that contained hydrolyzed wheat protein (HWP).
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Digestion Model under Exercise, from: Morita et al. 2009
Ishii et al. 2011 show that there is a specific HWP causation chain to WDEIA. Reaction to wheat food only developed after sensitization by soap containing HWP.
The European Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (2014) evaluates evidence of HWP in various products. It accepts that there is evidence of HWP having a sensitizing effect; the Japanese WDEIA epidemia is, however, regarded as a special case, due to a widespread use of a HWP loaded soap. In other countries effects are regarded as rare. In general HWP is regarded as safe.
Hirata et al. 2015 discuss the evidence of HWP based WDEiA in Japan and makes comparisons with evidence in other parts of the world.